Why was Deliveroo nominated for the day of action Black Friday the 13th, April 2018?

  • Works council obstruction due to mass dismissal
  • Bogus self-employment
  • fixed-term contracts as a threat against unionizing
  • Low wages that are not enough to live on
  • antisocial experiments with zero euro per hour contracts and one-hour shifts

Works council foundation sabotaged in Cologne

In November 2017 Deliveroo drivers expressed their wish for a works council to the management in Cologne. They organised themselves via the facebook page Liefern am Limit (Delivery at the limit) and in the trade union NGG.

The management in Berlin reacted by deliberately melting down its permanent staff.  It would in future be relied on independent couriers, it was said.

Until then, contracts were limited to 6 months. Among the drivers that Deliveroo disposed by outsourcing as pseudo self-employed or by non-renewal of contracts was also the Chairman of the works council election board.

Management reacts to works council formation by blocking communication

Management is changing the Deliveroo app Hipchat, which the company uses to organize its work, so that drivers can no longer communicate freely with each other. Now they can only contact their dispatcher. Previously, they were able to chat with each other all over Germany - which actually made their work easier because they were able to exchange shifts and find temporary help on their own.

The communication ban is apparently intended to prevent the works council and union organizing virus from spreading throughout Germany.

In Berlin, Deliveroo katagorlsch refused even to talk to the syndicalist union FAU Deliver Union - unlike its competitor and market leader Foodora.

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Black Friday for Deliveroo
Contact: Elmar Wigand
email | 0049.176.588 65623
"Deliveroo deserves trouble
to show that we reject 19th century
capitalist working conditions.
Let's not be fooled by buzzwords
like 'flexibility' and 'gig economy'!"

Abstruse experiments: Zero Euro per hour guaranteed | One-hour shifts

Deliveroo freelancers usually work for 7.50 euros an hour, and receive a flat rate of one to two euros extra per delivery.

In Berlin, experiments are carried out at zero euros per hour.  "People get zero euros per hour, but 4.75 euros per delivery", the newspaper B.Z. wrote in May 2017. "On sunny afternoons hardly anyone orders food. The driver is still on duty and is allowed to wait - for free. According to a new concept, there are now only one-hour shifts. If the order is far away, so that the return journey takes a long time, the one-hour paid shift sometimes costs another hour - unpaid."

Many freelancers work de facto under minimum wage

An hourly wage of around 9 euros is less than the legally prescribed minimum wage if the drivers, as pseudo self-employed drivers, also have to insure themselves properly.

There is public liability for employed drivers. Freelancer must pay their contributions to the professional association - approximately 900 euro per year - themselves. Or they drive through the streets uninsured, which is often the case. In addition, tickets and costs for accessories such as lighting and repairs are estimated at 500 to 600 euros per year.

FAU Deliver Union reported in January 2018 that after protests in Berlin Deliveroo would now pay an extra 10 cents per kilometer for repairs. However, no one has yet been met who actually received the money.

Irregularities in wage payments and not enough shifts

Many riders have difficulties with wages. A courier in Cologne lost his apartment because he had not received any wages for several weeks.

In addition, there are problems to get to enough shifts. The FAU Deliver Union therefore calls for a hiring freeze and transparent allocation rules for the shifts. "We never know at the beginning of the month whether we've had enough shifts at the end of the month to pay our rent," one driver called to the Megafon at a protest rally in Berlin.

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