Precarious pilots? Work and conflicts in the cockpit

Independent research project: The situation of pilots in Germany

Our Study investigates working conditions and conflicts in the cockpit. Pilots wanted for interviews!

The working conditions of pilots in Germany have deteriorated dramatically. Since 1997, the profession has been systematically devalued and labour disputes discredited. Why, for what purpose, by which means, by whom? We investigate the background.

Wages and working conditions in the entire aviation industry will continue to come under pressure in the future.

Interviews: Pilots of various airlines

We are interested in all pilots who take off and land in Germany. No matter in which country your home base is located.

For the Precarious Pilots study we are looking for pilots from various airlines who will be available for interviews.

We are interested in well-known airlines as well as low-cost carriers or cargo airlines that receive little media attention. Just as interesting are forms of employment such as personnel leasing (aviation crew leasing), bogus self-employment etc.

It's about: Working conditions, labour conflicts, worker participation and attacks on labour rights and working conditions.

The study should contribute to understand the situation in the cockpits in order to improve it in the medium term.

The interviews are expected to last 2.5 hours; they will be evaluated anonymously and treated with absolute confidentiality. We treat contact data and background information as absolutely confidential and do not pass anything on to third parties.

We travel to a location of your choice within Germany for the interviews.

Please contact:

Elmar Wigand, social researcher, CGN | mobile: +49.176.588 656 23 (Messenger: Telegram) | Social media: Linkedin

email: koeln01(a)