Who we are

action vs. injustice @ work (German: aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht e.V. ) is an organisation of blue-collar and white-collar workers and committed citizens.

Our association provides a network for employees, shop committees and trade unionists, journalists, social scientists and psychologists, lawyers and human-rights activists.

  • We have non-profit-making status.
  • We are independent of state funds, and are financed through donations and membership dues.

Our association was founded in January 2014 as a result of research on »Union Busting in Germany« done by Werner Rügemer and Elmar Wigand. The results were published in May 2014 by the Otto Brenner Foundation (AH 77), which is affiliated with the Metal Workers Industrial Union IG Metall.

The analysis of American union busting methods - as they have been described by Martin Levitt, Kate Bronfenbrenner and John Logan - helped us to understand harassment and blockade strategies against shop committee persons and union organizing.

What do we do?

Analysis, Investigation, Opposition – Stop Union Busting!

action vs. injustice @ work collects information and practical experience on aggressive employers and their professional helpers, strategies and networks. We’re building an organisation that can guarantee continuous investigations and campaigns against aggressive economic protagonists and their methods.

We advise and educate shop committees and trade unionists that are affected by union busting.

We want to fight against the increase of judicial nihilism in German labour relations and to put an end to the de facto impunity of criminal employers and their advisers.

We have members all over Germany. Our head office is in Cologne.


aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht
Luxemburger Str. 176
50937 Cologne

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